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JY. 18. new york.
night blogger. personal ramblings. sherlock. anime. funny shit. basically.


here are teasers from my trip.
the picture of me has been edited in photoshop 7 (which, if you haven’t figured out already, i call “ps”)
and then i was practicing while waiting for my dad to get outta the bathroom at Letchworth State Park and we get some nice bokeh! yay!
and in the last picture, i tinkering around with my exposure and ISO speed, and in a nutshell, too much light got into my camera and voila. (that was at Niagara Falls, btdubs)

i’ve gone ahead and attached links to the text above
if you click them and read the captions, then you will have instructions as to how to view the EXIF data on your dashboard. these instructions apply to future pictures you may see on your dashboard. yes, the “i” only appears on your dashboard. but because those specific pictures have been posted as private (they are not showing up on your dashboard), the EXIF data is below the picture (duh, if you can’t see already). it will be very sad if you are trying to look for the “i” on the pictures on my tumbl.

finally i would like to rawr about customizing this theme. IT’S SO HARDDDD. the coding for photosets has deviated from what Tumblr Staff has provided, and so now i can’t edit it so that EXIF appears for all pictures in a photoset. so now i have to contact the maker of this theme, but i don’t want to, because i don’t know much about coding anyways to begin with. i’ll just embarrass myself with my noobiness.  


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